Naughty School Girl Costume

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The Naughty School Girl costume

If there is one Halloween costume that is as popular now as it was 30 years back, it is none other than the Naughty School Girl Costume.

It might come as a surprise but you can buy Naughty Girl costumes in over 2000 varieties.  However, there are three key elements that every authentic Naughty Girl costume would have and those three elements are as follows:

#1  A short skirt

Doesn’t the name of the costume say it all? Yes, a real and authentic Naughty Girl Costume would include a short skirt.  What actually makes this costume hot is its skirt, and experts say the shorter it is the better. The whole point to wear this costume is that you would want to look as naughty as possible; and a long skirt would definitely not fit the theme.

#2 The costume set must have a white and tight shirt

The traditional costume set used to have a shirt that needed to be tied in the front, and it is still the selling point. Make sure that your belly button is visible to be a true naughty school girl. So, it is advised that you go for a white and tight shirt that you can tie into a knot in front.

#3  Knee High White Stockings.

I am sure you would agree that there is nothing naughtier than knee high white stockings. And once you have all the 3 elements assembled, you would be the sexiest school girl out there in the Halloween party.

These three key elements are the basic, but there are also some add ons that you can consider to become the Miss. Halloween and they are:

  • Have your hair tied in pig tails and don’t forget to have those red ribbon bows
  • Black and red coloured high heel shoes would compliment your costume like anything
  • Last but not the least, do not forget the piece of gum

The Naughty School Girl Halloween Costume

Thanks to the globalized culture these days, you have standard themed Halloween costumes recognized everywhere. There are Pirate and Witches costumes, which are popular all over the world; then there are Fairy costumes, loved by women and girls. There are uncountable choices and tastes. However, when it comes to boys, they love and adore naughty schoolgirl costumes. As a matter of fact, schoolgirl costumes are one of the most attractive and recognized images amongst men.

Though you have over 2000 variations to choose from, a typical naughty schoolgirl costume would include a white, Lycra top, which can be tied into a knot in the front; a plaid mini skirt and knee high stockings. To have the most authentic look, in addition to the above costume, you should have your hairs in decorated in pigtails. This is a must to spice up your costume a bit more.

When you go to shop the costume, you will find that there are many colour choices available too. However, there are some colours that are more powerful than others. For instance, in order to get that wow factor, you have to have your short skirt in red check or bright red colour.  And a shirt that is not white (or at most light pink) wouldn’t appeal that much; so, be careful with your colour choices to get the naughty and sexy look right.

When it comes to hot costumes, there are definitely endless choices; however, the ultimate favourite of boys remains to be the naughty schoolgirl costume. Dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl, you can look attractive, appealing and cool. Enjoy!

Accessorizing Your Costume

Nothing sexier than the Naughty School Girl Costume! This little vixen look is greatly accessorized with a pair of delicate eyeglasses. A bright red apple is perfect for bringing to her favorite teacher. You can maximize the sex appeal by adding a long, flowing wig to the mix. Create pigtails tied with bright red ribbons for an attractive addition. White or black thigh-high stockings or fishnet hose are ideal for getting all the good grades in any class. For office parties or private occasions, you might choose a heart shaped paddle or even fury handcuffs to give the school girl look a little boost of passion.

Measuring for Your Costume

You bad girl! Did you forget to measure for your naughty school girl costume? We hope not! A well-fitting costume is a costume that takes your measurements into account. It takes just a moment to get the proper measurements and order your proper size. Start with your chest and hips, measuring both at their widest point. Next, measure your natural waistline. Take these measurements into account when you review the size chart for the naughty costume you want to buy. You can easily spot which is the best size for you, based on your figures – which helps you to avoid any returns.

The Naughty School Girl Costume is one of the most popular Halloween costumes and it is available in over 2000 variations. The three basic things that are a must for every naughty school girl costume are a low waist short sexy skirt, a tight white shirt that can be tied in the front to show off the belly button and naughty and sexy knee high white stockings. Hair tied in pig tails and adorned with red ribbon bows and black and red high heel shoes complete the naughty school girl look. You are going to look hot and be the center of attraction at any party.

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